I was in capers from the age of 9 to 19, 1989-1999.

I absolutely loved being in the shows and have so many good memories. I even drove back from university each weekend to rehearse for the show.

Of all my memories the funniest yet most embarrassing was when I was Lola in Copacabana in a very skimpy yellow costume with feathers (for which I earned the nickname big bird) . One performance when Tony sailed across the bar and the punches flew with Rico I got knocked slightly off stage. Unbeknownst to me my costume had slipped and revealed a bit too much!! Not quite pg!

Well, anyway I was told afterwards about the reveal. A few days later someone on Market street Chorley stopped me and said he recognised me from somewhere…..then with a knowing look said Lola! ☺️

I was also a mermaid once with a lovely tail and bra top. Hopping up to the stage was a mission and the look on all the stage hands’ faces when they needed to attach the mic but didn’t quite know where to look or put it.

Doing a joint show with Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde was fun.

Open air show in Astley Park.

So many memories, so much fun.


Elaine Dacres (nee Moorcroft)



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