Chorley Capers changed my life!  My guide leader suggested that I join in and I had no idea that I was in the first ever Chorley Capers.  Marjorie Coles chose me to sing ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie and I was so excited.  It meant so much to me.  I continued to work in theatre for most of my life to date.  I ended up studying at The Arts Educational Schools in London.  I only stopped professional work four years ago.  I was in Under The Market Roof in Chorley in 2017 and this was my last professional role to date.  I loved working in theatre and I still hope to return to amateur theatre when things return to normal.  I also lived next door to Leslie Nicholson as a child!  Small world!

Chorley Capers was where it all started for me.  It was an amazing opportunity.  Things, for me, were pretty tough growing up but this was a huge escape and I have such fond memories.  Rehearsals were so exciting.  I experienced much joy and gained a great deal of confidence.

I may have some old photos.  I’ll see if I can find any.  We didn’t have cameras in those days, did we!

Sarah Lee


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